Morning Walk in Boston

During my visit to one of my best friends in Boston, we decided to go for a 6:00am sunrise walk. I was afraid we missed the sunrise, but we got to the bridge just on time to capture the last minutes of gold. 

 Boston Bridge
 Sunrise Boston 
 Pond with ducks, Boston 
 Bridge, Boston 
 Staircase, Boston 

On this particular morning, ducks gathered near the side of the lake staring at the joggers passing by. On my way back, I came across a stair case that exemplified the classic Boston style. Make sure to dress warm when you make your way through the streets.

Sunset at Rochester

Near the Genessee Brew House is a bridge that stretches across the river. From the bridge, close-up views of the waterfall formed by the dam can be clearly seen. We went during golden hour, just before the sunset, which made for some beautiful tones. 

Location: Rochester, NY 

 Genessee Bridge photo
 Genessee Bridge photo
 Genessee Bridge photo
 Genessee Bridge photo
 Genessee Bridge photo

Pen and Digital Artist - Reiji Shimane

From a very young age, Reiji has been creating amazingly detailed drawings. 

 Reiji Shimane Art 
 Reiji Shimane Art
 Reiji Shimane Art
 Reiji Shimane Art
 Reiji Shimane Art
 Reiji Shimane Art
 Reiji Shimane Art

Reiji has had a natural gift.  From Middle School, he has drawn for various media companies. His latest gallery was an impressive composition of frogs acting as humans. After his gallery presentation, people were asking to buy some of his artwork.  Currently, Reiji is attending art school in America with hopes of developing further into the art and media world with his nearly perfect touch and attention to detail. 

Reiji's Youtube:
Reiji's Instagram:
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku at Night

The streets of Shinjuku was bustling with activity. 

 Street photography umbrella
 Street photography rain 
 Walking through the alley Tokyo Japan 
 Late night eating Shinjuku Tokyo 
 motorcycle guy Shinjuku Tokyo Japan 
 Late night eatery Shinjulu Tokyo 
 Bottle rain close up Shinjuku Tokyo 
 People walking through Shinjuku Tokyo 
 Phone box photo 

I visited the well-known areas of Shinjuku, Tokyo with my friend who is also a photographer. We walked through the brightly lit street of Kabukicho then went to the less crowded areas. People were enjoying late night eats after their shifts in small eateries. They conversed over some yakitori and beer before going back home. The highlight of the night was definitely the traditional green photo booth. Graffiti was scribbled on the sides of the obsolete photo booth and made for an interesting photo. On this night, I felt blessed to be experiencing the busy happenings of the city. 

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 16-50mm

Meiji Jingu

Trees towered over like monuments. 

 Meiji Jingu Tokyo Japan 
 Meiji Jingu Tokyo Japan
 Meiji Jingu Tokyo Japan
 Meiji Jingu Tokyo Japan

The Meiji Jingu shrine is famous to be one of the largest tourist attractions in Tokyo. The entire park is decorated with tall trees that were planted many decades ago. Sadly, the shrine itself was under construction, so I didn't take any pictures of it. I have never seen so many tall trees in one place. This is a great place to visit after walking through large crowds in the Shibuya and Harajuku areas neighboring the park. 

Location: Meiji Jingu, Tokyo
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 16-50mm

Hiking in Colorado

Northern Colorado is a ski haven in the Winter, but how about the Summer? 

Many people go skiing the steep slopes of mountains in Colorado during the Winter days. In the summer, families take vacations to Colorado to hike, sightsee and enjoy the outdoors. During the Summer, snow melts away and reveals a natural appearance. My family and I hiked up to see the tranquil lakes perched up at the top of mountains. From the top, views of the valley could be seen with rows on rows of green trees and small hints of civilization. 

Location: Northern Colorado, America
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 16-50mm

City of Houston

Cars passed by fast on the highway. 

A lot of my time in Houston was spent on a car getting from location to location. On my car rides, I would sit in the back and take photos on the road. I walked through downtown Houston and was amused at how quiet and peaceful it was compared to the other larger cities I visited in America. I realized that mirror-like buildings was somewhat of a trend in Houston. Large reflections could be seen on the building's surfaces. 

Location: Houston, Texas
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 16-50mm

Henderson Waves

Orange, blue, purple and pink. 

 Henderson Waves Singapore
 Henderson Waves Singapore
 Henderson Waves Singapore

I hurried up the sky walk of the Henderson Waves Park to get to the bridge on time. I stopped and caught my breath. Time was ticking down to catch the sunset, yet I was still about a kilometer away from the viewpoint. After a short break, I continued walking. 

Thirty minutes later I was astonished by the sunset happening in front of my eyes. Many colors made up the sky. The view could be seen from many angles by walking down the long Henderson Waves Bridge. When I looked down, cars sped by a road covered by trees. 

Location: Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore 

Walking through Fort Canning

A walk in the park. 

The Fort Canning Park is next to the famous Singapore Management University. Once entering the park, numerous amounts of trees and nature encompass the surroundings. 

I was lucky enough to visit the park on a day that few clouds made ripples across the blue sky. On some of the trees, there were faint hints of orange. 

During my walk, the tall buildings of the city that surround the park could be seen clearly.

There were also areas that rays of light partially covered making a spotty complexion. 

Location: Fort Canning Park, Singapore
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000


Ponzu the Sheltie

The joy a pet brings into life. 

Whenever somebody comes home she runs to the door to greet them with joy. Being positive all the time is tough, but owning a dog will make it feel possible.

With the sun shining in, I was able to take a few good photos. 

Equipment: Sony Alpha 6000 

Arab Street Singapore

Every day life on Arab Street. 


Many different kinds of people from all nationalities were discovering the small shops in the area. Some of my photos capture people on their mobile phones. The interesting part is they are almost always with someone else. It is as if the phones are much more intriguing than the people they are with. This was my first try at street photography and I was generally happy with how the photos turned out. 

Location: Arab Street, Singapore
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000

Sunrise at Orchard Road

After my trip to Italy, I was extremely jet lagged. I stayed up the whole night before leaving my room to catch the sunrise.

Dim orange lights came from the street lamps illuminating the streets. I started walking towards the often crowded sector in Singapore, Orchard Road. On my way, I realized the larger role that shadows have in photos taken in the dark. 

Morning joggers passed by as the sky started to light up. The popular shopping area of Orchard Road was absolutely quiet at this hour. I started to be concerned that the buildings would block off the sunrise. A few minutes later, pink rays shined onto a glass building and made a reflection. The first of many for the upcoming day. 



Milan was the final stop of our Italy trip. Wherever you look people are dressed nicely. Cloth stores of every price tag fill the downtown streets. 

Bus lines tangle the city, each leading to a different area. I felt at home being in an urban setting. 

 Ceiling of Galleria 
 Banca Commerciale Italiana 
 Milan Cathedral 
 Bus Ropes in Milan 


Out of the many locations I visited in Italy, Venice was definitely the most beautiful. There are no cars or buses in Venice and public transportation is by boat. During my boat rides, I would stand up and held onto the boat as winds blew across my face. The landmarks in Venice seemed to have a light blue theme which matched the color of the water. Through my four day stay, I made sure to spend time walking around the city streets, rooted with water passageways. 

On my third day, I peaked in a window which displayed crafted wooden rings. I was intrigued by the design and decided to go in. Instead of entering a store, I found myself at a wood shop. An old man came up to me and said I could take look around. The whole process of making these rings looked amazing. The reddish brown color of the wood filled the room and was on all the wood working machines. 

The sunsets in Venice were one of a kind. The sky would turn from pink to red in a matter of minutes until eventually becoming dark. Try not to miss out on these. 

 Citadel Venice 
 Theater Venice 
 Tower in Venice
 White Flowers Venice 
 Woodshop Venice 
 Sunset Venice 
 Red Sunset Venice 


Parallel rays of light illuminated the city streets. 

A river runs through the city. The Ponte Vecchio Bridge spans across the river and was where many high end jewelry shops displayed their luxuries.

After a coffee break I took a short hike up the hill to get to Piazalle Michleangelo where the whole of Florence could be seen. A vast city rested in front of us. The constant array of brown roofs were occasionally interrupted by the budding peaks of landmarks.

 Statue in Florence 
 Famous bridge in Florence 
 Graffiti Florence
 Views from the Piazza in Florence 
 Shadows in Florence 


The small town of Lucca is contained by thick walls built during times of battle. Visitors can enjoy an afternoon bike ride along the top of the wall. From there the town and outside surroundings can be viewed. Many statues occupy Lucca, making a truly artistic atmosphere. I took photos at different times of the day during my three night stay. 

 Tourist Attraction at Lucca 
 Statues at Lucca 
 Statue at Lucca Italy 
 Statue at top of wall in Lucca, Italy 
 Sunshine on Statue in Lucca 


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is definitely something to see in person. However, what many people forget to consider is that the whole historical area of PIsa is a world heritage. A grand cathedral and dome stand in front of the tower. The weather was perfect for taking photos. 

 Pink Flowers in Pisa 
 Tourist Attractions at Pisa 
 Leaning Tower of Pisa 
 Dome at Pisa 


The famous Piazza del Campo was a vast opening of space covered with people taking pictures. What most of them failed to realize is that the streets surrounding the plaza were even more picturesque. The town was preserved from modern change. Windows of street buildings were painted blue, green and more. Many doors were made of polished wood and were decorated with two large knockers. The arches used in designing much of the architecture is from long ago. The Siena Cathedral was one of the most impressive buildings that I had ever seen. The front was decorated articulately and the sides were marked with black and white stripes. I passed by a handmade candle and ceramics shop. People buying candle holders could get their initials painted on it. This is a town of art where inspiration can be taken from the designs of old buildings and the grand landmarks. 

 Streets of Siena 
 Siena Italy 
 Statue in Siena 
 Piazza del Campo Siena, Italy 
 Siena Cathedral 
 Doors Siena 
 Residence Siena 

Castellina in Chianti

The town of Castellina in Chianti had an abundance of green trees. The buildings were mainly made of stone, giving a medieval feel to the town. In terms of photography, the shadows play a large role here. The contrast is present at the partial tunnel passageway along with inside many of the stores. Fresh ingredients were sold around the city such as many kinds of cheese, pastas and aged meats. Towns in Tuscany are enjoyable places to unwind after a tiring load of tourist attractions in Rome or Florence. 

 Sunshine Castellina in Chianti 
 Staircase at Castellina in Chianti 
 Statues at Castellina in Chianti 
 Window at Castellina in Chianti 
 Tunnels at Castellina in Chianti 
 Face Statue at Castellina in Chianti 
 Fruits at Castellina in Chianti 


We made a short stop by the town of Monteriggioni surrounded by stone walls. I came across a house entrance surrounded by greens and plants. Later, I saw a church situated in the town plaza next to cafes and souvenir shops. I was also able to take a picture inside the church of an array of candles that dimly shined in a rather dark surrounding. 

 Green Door Entrance Monteriggioni 
 Church at Monteriggioni 
 Candles at Monteriggioni