Food in Seattle

During my stay I was able to try one of Seattle's signature restaurants, Altura. The chefs work in an open kitchen and serve the same seasonal menu for all guests. The menu is comprised of around 15 courses and every dish was excellent. Read about the dining experience more on my food blog

The day after my dinner at Altura, I spent most of my time at Pike Place Market. I was able to visit the first Starbucks, but funny enough I didn't by any coffee there. Instead we went into a French cafe a few stores down and had some delicious morning breads. 

Pike Place Market was filled with different food vendors. I visited a soda and fountain restaurant along with a mini donut restaurant. After lining up for a while I was able to get a dozen plain and a dozen sugared donuts. I took them back to my hotel room and shared them with others. Small donuts are really good. 

On my last day I was able to visit Li'l Woody's a Seattle based burger joint. The store heartily serves customers all around Seattle and is looking to expand their reach. They had a unique sign which prompted me even more to enter their store. 

 Li'l Woody's Burgers Seattle 
 Le Panier Bakery Cafe Seattle 
 Altura Restaurant Chefs Seattle