Throughout my one week stay in Rome, I took photos of the historic sites and the city. 

The streets were lined with consistent five to six story apartments predominantly painted brown, white, yellow and pink.

Night time bars turned to cafes in the morning, serving hot Italian espresso shots for those hurrying to work. People visited Osterias, Trattorias and Pizzerias for lunch, some only opening past noon. Pasta of all shapes and sizes were served with red wine. Tiramisu could be found anywhere and picked up along the street. Gelato stores were at almost every block bragging their selection of flavors to customers passing by. 

The Colosseum and the Forums displayed a unique historical outline. Vatican City had endless galleries of amazing artwork. Rome could be gazed upon from the tall heights of the Spanish steps and Villa Borghese. 

Pedestrians stopped along the sidewalk to open their notebook and sketch a work of architecture across the river. 

Rome showed me the importance of visiting a historically enriched city. 

 City Bus Ropes Rome 
 Sunrise Morning Streets Rome 
 Spanish Steps Rome
 Purple Flowers Rome
 Rome Views Green City 
 Invisible Men Rome 
 Contrast Sunset Rome 
 Sunset Dome Rome 
 Museum Art Rome Vatican City 
 Streets Shadow Rome City 
 Colosseum Rome 
 Bird View Rome 
 Art Street Painting Rome