The famous Piazza del Campo was a vast opening of space covered with people taking pictures. What most of them failed to realize is that the streets surrounding the plaza were even more picturesque. The town was preserved from modern change. Windows of street buildings were painted blue, green and more. Many doors were made of polished wood and were decorated with two large knockers. The arches used in designing much of the architecture is from long ago. The Siena Cathedral was one of the most impressive buildings that I had ever seen. The front was decorated articulately and the sides were marked with black and white stripes. I passed by a handmade candle and ceramics shop. People buying candle holders could get their initials painted on it. This is a town of art where inspiration can be taken from the designs of old buildings and the grand landmarks. 

 Streets of Siena 
 Siena Italy 
 Statue in Siena 
 Piazza del Campo Siena, Italy 
 Siena Cathedral 
 Doors Siena 
 Residence Siena