Out of the many locations I visited in Italy, Venice was definitely the most beautiful. There are no cars or buses in Venice and public transportation is by boat. During my boat rides, I would stand up and held onto the boat as winds blew across my face. The landmarks in Venice seemed to have a light blue theme which matched the color of the water. Through my four day stay, I made sure to spend time walking around the city streets, rooted with water passageways. 

On my third day, I peaked in a window which displayed crafted wooden rings. I was intrigued by the design and decided to go in. Instead of entering a store, I found myself at a wood shop. An old man came up to me and said I could take look around. The whole process of making these rings looked amazing. The reddish brown color of the wood filled the room and was on all the wood working machines. 

The sunsets in Venice were one of a kind. The sky would turn from pink to red in a matter of minutes until eventually becoming dark. Try not to miss out on these. 

 Citadel Venice 
 Theater Venice 
 Tower in Venice
 White Flowers Venice 
 Woodshop Venice 
 Sunset Venice 
 Red Sunset Venice