Shinjuku at Night

The streets of Shinjuku was bustling with activity. 

 Street photography umbrella
 Street photography rain 
 Walking through the alley Tokyo Japan 
 Late night eating Shinjuku Tokyo 
 motorcycle guy Shinjuku Tokyo Japan 
 Late night eatery Shinjulu Tokyo 
 Bottle rain close up Shinjuku Tokyo 
 People walking through Shinjuku Tokyo 
 Phone box photo 

I visited the well-known areas of Shinjuku, Tokyo with my friend who is also a photographer. We walked through the brightly lit street of Kabukicho then went to the less crowded areas. People were enjoying late night eats after their shifts in small eateries. They conversed over some yakitori and beer before going back home. The highlight of the night was definitely the traditional green photo booth. Graffiti was scribbled on the sides of the obsolete photo booth and made for an interesting photo. On this night, I felt blessed to be experiencing the busy happenings of the city. 

Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Camera: Sony Alpha 6000 16-50mm